Velociraptor Dino Box Ships

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 (PHILADELPHIA) The first of many Dino Box #3 - featuring "Speedy Thief" Velociraptor has shipped from Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club, according to Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club vice president Allie Allosaurus.

"We had such a large number of orders before Christmas and most new members ordered several months worth of our kids dinosaur club. We're right on schedule with the orders and our pickers and packers are excited to supply velociraptor dinosaur books, dinosaur sticker books and a high-quality dinosaur toy from our vendors including Dover Publications, DK Publishing, Creative Press and Wild Safari."

The fast-growing dinosaur club for kids appeals to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who want to help the children in their lives read, learn and imagine.

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New Members, Expanded Management Team, Additional Distribution

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(Philadelphia) Ptyler Pterodactyl has issued several statements recently and all of them involve growth for Kids Dinosaur of the Month club, the fast-growing parent-acclaimed children's book club featuring dinosaur toys from Safari Limited's Carnegie Collection and dinosaur books from Scholastic Books and DK Publishing.

From Allie the Allosaurus joining the Executive Management Team to Sanjay Syal inquiring about teaming with his Discover Dinosaurs travelling expo - Kids Dinosaur Club of the Month is a busy place.

"We have orders coming in from all parts of the country and other nations, too. We just heard from Ireland and Scotland which is really cool," said Pterodactyl. We've got a researcher on the ground in Pittsburgh right now. He's working with the curators at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to arrange a retail outlet for us there."


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Kids Dinosaur Club Explores New Distribution Channels

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(Phoenix) Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club President Ptyler Pterodactyl took time out from his lecture tour to address the media regarding stories swirling about that the children's book club is considering new distribution channels.

"We've been contacted by Sanjay Syal, CEO and President of Blue Star Productions, who contacted me about entering into a retail/wholesale arrangement. Sanjay's nationally touring dino exhibit - Discover Dinosaurs -  is wonderful. He showed me around the show last week as it waas being held just outside Philadelphia and we discussed him carrying the T Rex Dino Box in all his expo stores. He plans to hold nearly 100 expos this year so we're excited to tell more children, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents about our kids club featuring dinosaur toys and dinosaur books." 

No formal agreement has been executed but the deal would probably be structured as a standard wholesale/retail arrangement with T-Rex boxes traveling with the national dinosaur expo and Blue Star earning some commission on subsequent sales of Dino Boxes. Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club would share customer information collected to aid Blue Star's future promotions.

Pterodactyl plans to visit his alma mater, the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, while in town. "I'll visit with Dean Callahan and probably guest lecture a bit. I love getting out there and meeting those fresh faces. It's a lot different than looking at the fossils I usually see."

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Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Hears Interest from All Over the Nation

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 The great new children's book club, Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club, has heard from new members in Minnesota and Virginia, according to Club President Ptyler Pterodactyl.

"We've recently heard from grandmothers in Virginia and Pennsylvania who each have 15 grandchildren. They loved the books from Scholastic Books and DK Publishing along with the museum-quality toys from Safari Limited. These orders will bring children's dinosaur books to dozens of kids dinosaur lovers through the end of 2013."

Rushing to the Toy Fair in New York City, Pterodactyl said he couldn't comment further on rumors that Allie the Allosaurus was the leading candidate to join the Executive Management team at Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club. However, regarding future growth, Pterodactyl did say that Fulfillment by Amazon and a touring dinosaur exposition out of the Midwest have been in contact. "Meetings regarding our children's book club were recently held in the Philadelphia area" said Pterodactyl.

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