Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Re-launches Google Ad Words Campaign

Posted on August 23, 2015 by Amy Bausinger | 0 Comments

(Silicon Valley, CA, USA) Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club called an impromptu press conference at the behest of the company's techno guru, Amy Apatosaurus, to announce that after a brief hiatus, the fast-growing educational club for children has returned to using Google Ad Words.

"We've been doing very nicely with organic search and tremendous word of mouth as grandparents and children tell everyone how much they love the Dino Boxes they receive as being members of Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club," said Apatosaurus. "We spent the last several months examining the data from our online shopping partner, Shopify, and then plugging that data into a new effort with our friends at Google. We're very excited to see more growth as we roll closer to the holiday shopping season which was bonkers for us last year."


Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club is an educational book club for children designed to encourage children and their families to read and play using their imagination while learning about the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Dino Boxes feature a high-quality dinosaur figurine from Safari Ltd and Carnegie Collection, educational, activity and sticker books from Dover Publications, DK and Scholastic and collectible Dino Cards featuring fun dino facts and figures. Club President, Ptyler Pterodactyl, sign each personalized letter as well as the personalized Membership Certificate members receive in the fist Dino Box. Dinosaurs featured include: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Allosaurus, a Toob of Dinosaurs, Baby Apatosaurus and a Toob of dinosaur fossils. Join today at


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Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club begins own Jurassic World

Posted on June 20, 2015 by Amy Bausinger | 0 Comments

(PHILADELPHIA) Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club President, Ptyler Pterodactyl, took time out from the weekend at his family's sprawling compound to address the media about the new addition to his landscaping.

Calling it his own Jurassic World, Pterodactyl said, "My family knows how much I like Tyrannosaurus Rex so they bought me a gigantic stone statue of him. I placed it in the back forty and I think it looks great."

Corporate executives Amy Apatosaurus, Allie Allosaurus and Troy Triceratops have all recently flown into Philadelphia for what have been obviously high-level meetings. Rumors abound that Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club, the fast-growing educational club for children centered around dinosaurs, is preparing to enact another phase of its business plan. 

According to published reports, Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club has plans for expanding beyond its current website retail presence by adding some brick and mortar retail possibilities. Allie Allosaurus says, "We've had some packaging engineer folks into our Philadelphia HQ lately so maybe we're headed that way."

Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club encourages children to read learn and play using their imagination. Monthly Dino Boxes feature dinosaur figurines from Safari Ltd; sticker and educational books from Dover, DK Publishing, Scholastic and Hachette; collectible Dino Cards featuring fun facts and details; and personalized items including letters, a Membership Certificate and Membership Card from Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club President, Ptyler Pterodactyl.

Dino Boxes feature: Tyrannosaurus Rex; Stegosaurus; Velociraptor; Triceratops; Allosaurus; Pterodactyl; a Toob of Dinosaurs; Baby Apatosaurus; and Junior Palentologist.

Visit and join the club at or contact them at




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