New Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy for Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club

Posted on September 08, 2019 by Amy Bausinger | 0 Comments

(PHILADELPHIA) Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club President, Ptyler Pterodactyl, made a stunning announcement today - stunning the entire toy world and sending shock waves through Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club members Worldwide - the Club has decided to use a new Tyrannosaurus Rex toy. (Gasp!)

"We've been using the same model for nearly four years and frankly, I like this one better," Ptyler Pterodactyl said from the podium in the cavernous press room at Headquarters for Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club in their gleaming skyscraper in Center City Philadelphia.


Vendors are on notice that Kids Dinsoaur of the Month Club is always searching for the best pricing and the best products to use in the monthly Dino Box subscription. Initial reaction from around the world is positive, with Club Members agreeing to the need to keep items fresh and always educational to keep them inspired to read, learn and play using their imagination.


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