New Members, Expanded Management Team, Additional Distribution

Posted on February 17, 2013 by Troy Bausinger | 0 Comments

(Philadelphia) Ptyler Pterodactyl has issued several statements recently and all of them involve growth for Kids Dinosaur of the Month club, the fast-growing parent-acclaimed children's book club featuring dinosaur toys from Safari Limited's Carnegie Collection and dinosaur books from Scholastic Books and DK Publishing.

From Allie the Allosaurus joining the Executive Management Team to Sanjay Syal inquiring about teaming with his Discover Dinosaurs travelling expo - Kids Dinosaur Club of the Month is a busy place.

"We have orders coming in from all parts of the country and other nations, too. We just heard from Ireland and Scotland which is really cool," said Pterodactyl. We've got a researcher on the ground in Pittsburgh right now. He's working with the curators at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to arrange a retail outlet for us there."


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