Three Brand New Dino Boxes and New Book Vendor for Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club

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(PHILADELPHIA) With dozens of reporters in the atrium of his soaring Center City Philadelphia skyscraper, Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club President, Ptyler Pterodactyl, flew confidently to the podium to announce the launch of three brand new Dino Boxes for members of the Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club.

"We're really an 'of the month club' now," Pterodactyl said referring to the availability of 12 Dino Boxes. "By adding Archaeopteryx, Armored ,and Horned, Spiked and Crested we now have a total of 12 Dino Boxes. Customers who had purchased all of our previously available Dino Boxes had been clamoring for more. Those dinosaur lovers just can't get enough of our product and we appreciate their business."

The Armored Dinosaurs Dino Box will contain Sauopelta ("shielded lizard"), Horned, Spiked and Crested features Spinosaurus ("spine lizard") and Archaeopteryx naturally features Archaeopteryx ("ancient wing"). While outlining the new Dino Boxes, Pterodactyl also made another stunning announcement.

"We've added Rosen Publishing to our mix of book vendors. I really like their Graphic Dinosaurs line and we're using their books for Tyrannosaurus and Archaeopteryx. After a thorough review of these titles we believe members will enjoy these educational books. Dover, Hachette and DK will also continue to be part of our offerings."

Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club is an educational book club for children encouraging reading and imaginative play while learning about the fascinating world of dinosaurs. The Club has customers in the UK, Australia, Canada and 40 states and features many popular dinosaurs in a monthly subscription box format including: Tyrannosaurus Rex; Stegosaurus; Velociraptor; Triceratops; Allosaurus; Pterodactyl; a Toob of mini dinosaurs; Apatosaurus; Junior Paleontologist, Archaeopteryx; Armored Dinosaurs; and Horned, Frilled and Spiked Dinosaurs. Dino Boxes include a personalized letter form Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club President Ptyler Pterodactyl, personalized letter, Membership Certificate and Membership Card along with collectible Dino Cards, dinosaur stickers, and dinosaur activity books.

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