Month Two

 In the second month Members receive a “Dino Box” themed around Stegosaurus containing:

  • High-quality Stegosaurus toy from Wild Safari
  • Educational book. Stegosaurus is known for the intimidating plates and spikes running down its back and tail. In this engaging book, dinosaur enthusiasts will find out how scientists think the plates and spikes helped the stegosaurus to survive. Budding paleontologists will also uncover fascinating facts about where this big reptile lived and what it liked to eat.
  • Dover Publications "Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Era" by Jan Sovak takes you back millions of years to the Jurassic Age and includes information across 30 pages about Apatosaurus, Diplodicus, Megalosaurus and Supersaurus 
  • Twenty-one reusable, brightly colored dinosaur stickers include Triceratops, Stegosaurus, T. Rex, and others in a prehistoric setting
  • Collectible, two-sided “Dino Card” listing facts, figures and geographic origin regarding the "Roofed Lizard" 
  • Letter from their new friend and President of the Club “Ptyler the Pterodactyl” outlining the contents of this month’s “Dino Box”, hinting about next month’s “Dino Box” and encouraging them to read, exercise and listen to their parents

Additional products will include…

  • Personalized Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Membership Card signed by Ptyler Pterodactyl in your second “Dino Box”

Type: Subscription

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