Month Four

 In the fourth month Members receive a “Dino Box” themed around Triceratops containing:

  • High-quality Triceratops toy from Wild Safari including the award-winning Carnegie Collection
  • Educational book. Known for the large bony frill and the three large horns coming from its head, the triceratops is one fascinating dinosaur. Students will find out everything they wanted to know about this plant-eating giant that roamed the land during the Cretaceous Period. Included are scientists theories on the purpose of the frill and the use of the horns. Budding paleontologists will be amazed by the photographs of dinosaur fossils as well as the full-color images of what the triceratops might have looked like
  • Collection of 20 realistic stickers depicting awesome earth-shakers from the Jurassic era. Included are such reptilian celebrities as megalosaurus, camptosaurus, diplodocus, ichthyosaurus, allosaurus, apatosaurus, brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, archaeopteryx, and many more
  • A coloring and activity book from Dover Publications with 40+ pages chronicling the evolution of dinosaurs from the earliest lizards to the dinos of the Cretaceous Age
  • Collectible, two-sided “Dino Card” listing facts, figures and geographic origin regarding the "Three-Horned Face Lizard" 
  • Letter from their new friend and President of the Club “Ptyler the Pterodactyl” outlining the contents of this month’s “Dino Box”, hinting about next month’s “Dino Box” and encouraging them to read, exercise and listen to their parents

    Type: Subscription

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