Month Fifteen

In Dino Box #15, Members receive a Dino Box themed around Dilophosaurus containing:

  • High-quality Dilophosaurus toy - the "double-crested lizard" - from Safari Limited 
  • Educational book - "Small and Deadly Dinosaurs" from Skyview Books with 48 pages that show how some dinosaurs made up for their small stature with athleticism and intelligence.
  • "Jim Lawson's Dinosaurs" Coloring Book from Dover Publications lets your loved ones color their own vision of the dinosaurs who ruled the world long-ago and also teaches them interesting facts about those dinosaurs in the captions at the bottom of each scene. 
  • "Dinosaur" sticker activity book from Dover Publications with more than 20 dinosaurs including Dimetrodon, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and many more. 
  • Letter from their new friend and President of the Club “Ptyler Pterodactyl” outlining the contents of this month’s Dino Box, hinting about next month’s Dino Box and encouraging them to read, exercise and listen to their parents.

Type: Subscription

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