Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Visits TRex Cafe in Downtown Disney

Posted on March 09, 2014 by Troy Bausinger

(Orlando - Magic Kingdom) Ptyler Pterodactyl, his entire family, and top Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club officers including Amy Apatosaurus, Allie Allosaurus and Troy Triceratops returned to their Philadelphia headquarters after a week-long visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando. A great time was had by all.

"We certainly did some marketing recon while we toured Disney and Universal," said Troy Triceratops. "The Dino Store at TRex Cafe is a testament to the far-reaching and effective influence of dinosaurs as an educational tool."

Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club is an educational club for children designed to help them become strong readers as they use dinosaur books, dinosaur toys from Wild Safari and dinosaur stickers to play using their imagination and the facts they have learned from collectible Dino Cards, personalized letters from Ptyler Pterodactyl and educational dinosaur books from Dover Publishing, DK and Scholastic.



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