Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club President Considers Adding to Executive Staff

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Troy Bausinger | 0 Comments

 PHILADELPHIA - Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club President, Ptyler Pteradactyl, says he is considering adding to his Executive Staff. The growing number of members makes this addition necessary to the efficient operation of the Club, he adds.

"With hundreds of web page views and the phone ringing off the hook at Club Headquarters, we need to increase the number of staff. I'm looking not just for a dinosaur to answer emails and the phone, but a dinosaur with experience working with children and able to handle the big decisions that accompany a club carrying the importance of Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club. What's more important than helping children to learn to read and use their imagination?"

Ptyler Pteradactyl has been reviewing resumes and professional recommendations in order to fill the slot. He hopes to bring a final candidate before the Supreme Board of Dinosaurs, Paleontologists and Fossils before their December Board meeting.

"The Supreme Board will make the final decision. They are a wise group of individuals although the Fossils don't say much."

Stay tuned.

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