Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Launches

Posted on November 08, 2012 by Troy Bausinger

 Nov 7, 2012

PHILADELPHIA -- Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club launched it's ecommerce site today. By joining this monthly book and toy club for children you'll enrich a child's life by bringing them the joy of reading and learning about the fascinating prehistoric world of dinosaurs.

Each month, Members receive a Dino Box filled with educational dinosaur-themed items. Each Dino Box contains a high-quality dinosaur toy from Wild Safari and several books from publishers including Scholastic and DK. Sticker books and general dino books are also included. The exclusive Dino Card, a two-sided glossy card features that month's dinosaur including facts and figures related to diet, geography, height and weight and more interesting facts.

The child in your life will be thrilled to receive their first Dino Box containing a personalized Membership Certificate; the Second Dino Box will include a personalized Membership card - perfect for carrying in a wallet or purse. We have dozens of Dino Boxes prepared with specially selected books, toys and other dinosaur items ... collect them all. T-Rex, Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pterosaur, Brachiosaurus , Diplodocus ... we have them all!

New friends will abound. I, Ptyler the Pteradactyl, personally write and sign a letter addressed to each member and contained within each Dino Box. These letters provide an overview of the contents, give an overview of upcoming Dino Boxes and encourage our members to read, learn, imagine, play, clean their rooms and do their homework. Through our website and subsequent mailings we'll grow the community of dinosaur lovers.

Have a Dino Day!



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