Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Receives New Members

Posted on November 16, 2012 by Troy Bausinger | 1 Comment

 PHILADELPHIA - The newest members of Kids Dinoasur of the Month Club can expect their first Dino Boxes to arrive in the mail within a few weeks. Think of their anticipation!

Members will love the personalized Membership Certificate and letter from Club President Ptyler the Pteradactyl, the T-Rex toy from Wild Safari, the awesome dinosaur books from Scholastic and DK and the sticker/coloring/activity books which will keep them active and learning for hours. Don't forget the collectible Dino Card featuring the latest array of facts and figures about each dinosaur.

Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club has it all. Encourage the child in your life to read and imagine while learning about the amazing world of dinosaurs. Join today at


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Carole Pfeiffer
Carole Pfeiffer

April 04, 2013

How do I sign up my granddaughter for this club?

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