Argentina Visits Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Website

Posted on March 10, 2013 by Troy Bausinger

 (Philadelphia) Allie Allosaurus announced from Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Headquarters that the fast-growing dinosaur club for kids has received visitors from Argentina. "We've now been viewed by prospective members on three continents," said Allie Allosaurus.

"We were excited when Europen visitors first viewed our dinosaur books, dinosaur stickers and dinosaur toys from DK Publishing, Scholastic and Wild Safari, respectively. And now Latin America has joined the ranks. It's very gratifying that so many parents , grandparents, aunts and uncles want to encourage children to read, learn and use their imaginations through membership in our childrens' educational club."

Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club features educational and high-quality dinosaur books, dinosaur stickers, and dinosaur toys to its members.


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