Belarus, Sri Lanka Visit Dinosaur Club for Kids Website

Posted on March 24, 2013 by Troy Bausinger | 0 Comments

(SAN FRANCISCO)    Fast-growing Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club website has been viewed by prospective dinosaur club members in Europe and Asia according to Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club Chief Technology Officer, Amy Apatosaurus.

"I monitor the website for our kids dinosaur club from here in Mountain View, California and I noticed traffic from abroad. We sent a note out a few weeks ago that we had visits from Argentina just prior to the new Pope being elected. I think that might be divine intervention. Then just yesterday we had site visits from Belarus and Sri Lanka. I guess kids there want to receive our high-quality dinosaur books, dinosaur stickers and museum gift shop quality toys. We can ship anywhere so I say bring it on!"

Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club President, Ptyler Pterodactyl, doesn't usually allow the West Coast office to issue its own statements but in this case he made an exception. "Amy Apatosaurus does a really good job running the tech end of our dinosaur club for kids and she has a great handle on our website so I gave her the green light. Which is funny because she's green, said Pterodactyl who was prepping for a major Philadelphia area media event.  "We have a major in-depth business article about to publish in Philadelphia regarding our dinosaur club for kids."

Kids Dinosaur of the Month Club has members across the nation and features: high-quality dinosaur books from The Creative Company; dinosaur books and dinosaur sticker books from DK Publishing; dinosaur chapter books and story books from Scholastic; dinosaur sticker books and dinosaur fact books from Dover Publications and museum gift shop quality dinosaur toys from Wild Safari.


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