Month Ten

In the tenth month Members receive a “Dino Box” themed around a Archaeopteryx containing:

  • High-quality Archaeopteryx toy from Safari Limited 
  • Educational book from Rosen Publishing with 32 pages featuring facts, figures and images of Archaeopteryx - "Ancient Wing" - including height, weight, and diet as well as a 4-part story which brings this amazing dinosaur to life
  • Coloring and Activity Book. From the turkey-sized Caudipteryx, with its long, flashy, feathered tail, to the Teratornis, a condor with a 12-foot wingspan, this carefully researched collection of feathered dinosaurs will amaze colorists and amateur paleontologists of all ages
  • The "Feathered Dinosaurs Stickers" from Dover Publications includes 20 stickers featuring Archaeopteryx, Confusciusornis, Protarchaeopteryx, and Velociraptor
  • Letter from their new friend and President of the Club “Ptyler the Pterodactyl” outlining the contents of this month’s “Dino Box”, hinting about next month’s “Dino Box” and encouraging them to read, exercise and listen to their parents


Type: Subscription

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